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               This is a Blackberry Sage Cooler
                It's non-alcoholic and de-LISH!
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I've accumulated some wonderful summer recipes that call for fresh ingredients from LOCAL FARMERS MARKETS. Check 'em out! Click here

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           Buy local! Eat local!
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   while supporting our local farmers and merchants.

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    Isn't summer wonderful?

This season is flying by wayyy tooo fast! And H O T!? Holy steaming sidewalks! Summers in Idaho are always very warm, but this year has been over the top hot.  It's been in the high 90's to 100's for weeks.
My poor hot hydrangeas are drooping (as am I) and we only let our dogs out for a short while a few times a day. But I'll tell you what -  those homegrown tomatoes are sure lovin' it! They are deep red, juicy, soooo fragrant, and just beckoning me to make them into fresh BLT's. . .

           ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Summer and fall are my husband's and my favorite seasons here in Idaho because we're all about family, friends, good food, evenings on the patio, yummy drinks, favorite music, our beloved dogs, and - but of course - - wine coolers and margaritas! All these things are what make summers memorable and I wouldn't change one single thing. Thanks for visiting my site, and please come back often. I love all my fellow foodies!   
                                                                                      -  Patti Mays

            SUMMER RECIPES. . .                              SOME NEWBIES! 

                     FRESH RHUBARB COBBLER
              Serve warm with vanilla ice cream
                    and prepare to drift off to heaven. . .

Nothing says SUMMER like fresh rhubarb anything,
and cobbler and pie top most lists. This is delicious and crunchy because of the unexpected flavor and texture of the macaroons, which really add a lot.  


We love this so much because it goes so well with just about anything.

First of all, it's delicious just as salsa (we love it with pita chips!). Also try it with pork (tenderloin is our fave!), fresh fish (Salmon! Mmm!), grilled or roasted chicken - and it's super good with crab cakes! Best of all, you make it in the food processor so it's easy and extra fast! 

Full of flavor and topped with a crunchy, delicious "crust" this zucchini squash casserole is just made for summer suppers. We love this casserole! Serve it with a crispy green salad and maybe some hot bread like focaccia,and you have a summer dinner WINNER! (hey that rhymes...)

         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

         JULIA CHILD'S 

* * * * *  5-STAR RECIPE   * * * * * 

OK, I have to tell you this is one of the most delicious recipes I have ever tasted, and I'm not kidding when I say I could eat it EVERY DAY.  No wonder Julia Child was so famous!

It's actually a pretty simple recipe, but the flavors meld and complement one another so well that it seems like you're eating in some 5-star restaurant in the Mediterranean! Ahhh... simply OUT of this world.

OOOHHH! Yummy flavorful tomatoes with gooey cheese and a fresh, fragrant sprinkling of herbs have SUMMER deep within their little tomato souls.

I can't think of a single thing they don't go with, in fact, I make these all summer long!  We especially love them with teriyaki pork tenderloin, or grilled steak; . . . chunky sliced ham or even cold sandwiches. I occasionally fix 'em as a "main course" with fresh sauteed spinach and brown rice on the side. But I have to say - they are out of this world just by themselves, with hot crunchy Italian bread and a cold, crisp tossed salad (or pasta salad!).  

These guys are easy, healthy, and SUMMERY! Ok, I'll admit... I make them in the winter too, but they aren't nearly as good as when they're made with juicy fragrant tomatoes fresh off the vine.  
                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Talk about fresh-from-the-farmers-market! This main dish salad is not only delicious and interesting, with its hot & cold ingredients, but it's so pretty! Perfect for all those flavorful and nutritious locally-grown vegetables.

Picture and Recipe from Taste of
If you aren't familiar with that website, you
are in for a huge treat! Check it out! It's one
of my favorite, most trusted recipe sources.

            ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grasshopper Cream Pie 
Literally "cool" and so pretty. Remember the "grasshopper" after-dinner drink?  (actually I like them before dinner, too. Sooo good!). This pretty pie is reminiscent of that cocktail. If you love creamy cool mint, you'll love this yummy summer pie.

         ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


OMGOSH!!  Figs are an out of this world complement to sophisticated, savory delectables, like prosciutto, arugula, goat cheese (or your own favorite cheese. I love Jarlsberg! Brie is delicious too!) A grilled cheese sandwich made with Jarlsberg cheese, cashew butter, a bit of celery salt and fresh, buttery fig will change your life!  Sooooo good!

             ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For a breakfast you'll never forget, this is the best French Toast I've ever had... French Toast Breakfast Casserole. It will knock your socks off. And you make it the night before, so it saves time and stress in the morning. Yessss! Kids love it, so there's half the battle right there! 

               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

DID YOU KNOW. . . Fresh basil keeps better and longer if stored at room temperature with the stems in water, like a bouquet of flowers?
Plus, it makes your kitchen smell heavenly. 

                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                 ANOTHER NEATO TIP...

Don't throw out those last drips of jam in the jar! Shake up a delicious fruity vinaigrette instead. Add equal parts oil and vinegar to the jar, give it a good shake. Season with salt & pepper to taste. 
              REALLY GOOD!

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