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Hello fine people - I'm Patti Saunders Mays. My husband John and I live in Boise, Idaho where we are happily retired from corporate life.
Our daughter is grown so now it's just John and our two dogs, Gracie (Standard poodle) and Felix (Miniature Schnauzer mix). Until a few months ago we also had Rose - our beloved English Bulldog that we totally adored and spoiled rotten for 12 years.  She's gone to sleep now though, and has no more pain in her hip. Pictures below. :>
I am 65 years old, happily married for almost 31 years, very active, retired but still working daily (on my cooking site and new book release).  We are blessed with having a fabulous family, lots of dear friends, and a ton of interests. (TOO MANY!)
     My life. . . 
We love to go on cruises. We JUST GOT BACK from cruising the East-ern Caribbean to celebrate our 30th anniversary. What a gorgeous area of our world!
Our only child and THE love of our lives. We're so very proud of her, and feel blessed beyond words to be such a close family.
ROSE Aug1999 - Aug 2011 (English Bulldog)
ROSE Aug1999 - Aug 2011 (English Bulldog)
Rose was with us for 12 wonderful years. She was just too precious for words and we sure do miss her. Our little roly-poly sweetheart we called "Rose Beef". Ha!
GRACIE (Standard Poodle)
GRACIE (Standard Poodle)
A real livewire and SO funny. Can be a P in the B but we adore her. (Her registered AKC name is "Cinder-ella Cream Cake!" That has always cracked us up).
FELIX.  Our "Grand Dog"
FELIX. Our "Grand Dog"
Felix is a total lady's man! A real lover, schmoozer and cuddler He was originally Natalie's but when she was trans-ferred we got him.... (and we plan to abscond with him permanently, we love him so much.) Fe and Gracie are best friends & mutual hell-raisers.
JOHN & ROSE on our back patio
JOHN & ROSE on our back patio
We're all big animal lovers. (and big "patio" lovers)
MY SISTERS and ME. Glamorous!
MY SISTERS and ME. Glamorous!
This was taken on a trip to Victoria, Canada. We're very blessed to be so close. I'm 2nd from left - (taken before I very miraculously became blonde... :>)
        I am a proud graduate of the
   University of Oregon and hold a
     Bachelor's Degree in Sociology
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This symbol is on the bottom of every page on my site, and displays my membership in ABN (Association of Better Networkers).  ABN is sort of like the "Better Business Bureau" of online marketers in that it requires  honesty and ethical business practices.  ABN reviews continuously for any complaints or violations.  
EZINE EXPERT AUTHOR.  Patti Mays is in the Expert Author caategory on Ezines.Com
This is a "badge" as they call it -   for achieving the "Expert Author" status at Ezine Articles. com.  I love to write!  My previously published articles have been about internet marketing, e-commerce, and self- development, but now I'm doing cooking articles!   :>  
PATTI  Mays eating sundae on vruise ship
    This "badge" shows I'm qualified to write about cooking because I'm such a good eater!  
I am a member of Manta, which is the world's largest online community for promoting and connecting small businesses. With more than one million registered users and 87 million company profiles, business owners and professionals use Manta to "be found" online by customers and prospects.
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